Tuesday, November 01, 2005


So many friends and relatives,Put poison in my food, Surreptitiously,And thought I should not mention it,Be a good girl and a quiet victim,Because of bonds made in an idealized past
Some came ostensibly,Poison in hand,Sprinkled my food right in from of me!And said eat!Was I to swallow?In the name of what?
You want things to be the way they were.This can never be.Even if you apologized,Am I to test your sincerity using my life?
Should a battered wife,Take back her abuser?
No more room for you in my life.Were it for you I would be dead,Enjoy the company of your dead friend.I chose to live.
Live long.Prosper.This is where we part.

Bold Woman

Bold womanBig afro, big butt walked down the streetSmall difference, big tears.Detangling tears,Hotcomb burns,Relaxer scars,Cornrow bliss,More grooming, less freedom.
Glances everywhere.Approving glances,Hostile stares.Judgment days.Over.
Chanced on a soft skull woman,Walking tall.Absolute freedom.
No belonging, no betrayal,No race, no sex, no fear.
Bald woman,Make love to the water everyday.Mind your own business!