Thursday, October 20, 2005

Insomniacs on ice

Insomniacs on Ice
It was Friday and I only had one class to attend. That night I had woken up at least 3 times feeling rushed and worried that I was missing something or was late to something. I guess that should have clued me in. I strolled into my room at 9:45 and for no apparent reason double-checked the start time of my class. I KNEW it started at 9pm. It started at 9am.
I ran out the door wearing the same clothes I wore the day before and started to skate to school as fast as I possibly could. Room 150 is all I cared about. I showed up and ran into the building scanning the room numbers. It was 9:58 and I wasn't too late. I showed up only to find out that room 150 is not a room at all...instead it is a hallway of teacher's offices. Oh goody. So I went to the office to ask where the class was. It was in the goldroom...which is a good mile from campus. The online schedule I was given was wrong. And I had no car.
The temperature was already around 90 degrees and I was pedalling way too hard. I hit an intersection and stopped along side a jogger to wait for a car to pass. We both started going since this red mustang just pulled up and stopped at the stop sign. I was halfway across the intersection when out of my peripheral vision I saw the red mustang coming towards me. Suddenly everything was in slow motion. I assessed the situation and leapt from my skateboard, flew through the air, hand-planted off the hood of the car, was hit in the leg and lower back by said car, and landed a few feet away. I turned around, unbelieving of what just took place. This guy had just hit me. And his car was on my skateboard. I had to ask him to back up so I could pull it from under his wheel. He offered me a pathetic "sorry" and I ignored him and skated away swearing at him in my head.
I got to the goldroom and ran inside. I was a sweaty mess and I couldn't breathe, but at least I had made it and it was only 10:10....the class didn't end till 11:15. I asked an employee where the class was taking place and, yes, you guessed it, the class was let out early.
I exhaustedly skated back to my house to take a shower.
Seriously...does this kind of thing happen to everyone or is there some practical joke group out there specifically assembled to put me in unbelievable situations?